Discover your ultimate flatshare
Find a home not just a room
Zaparoom is a data driven flatsharing tool. We assist you all the way from finding ya great home to manage your flatshare in order to make the most of it. Swipe & like your way to your ultimate flatshare.
Need help searching for a new flatmate?
With the app you can post your spare room or browse through listings to find your perfect home. Our advanced search tool and matching process helps you to narrow down your search and find the ultimate flatshare.
Set up your profile and connect with people who share similar values and interests
Buddy up!
Swipe anonymously through flat shares and people looking to buddy up. Swipe and get an instant match!
Direct message
We simplify the moving process - send a direct message to potential flatshare and easily schedule a viewing.
How we can help you
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Sharers get together
Stop feeling like a stranger in your own home and make sure to find a flatshare perfect for you.
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Landlords live Easier
Let our matching wizard do his magic and find the best tenant for your flat quick and easy.
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Flatmates be Awesome
Describe your lifestyle and hobbies to ensure you’ll share more than just a home with your future flatmates.
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For room hunters
Wanting a new home
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Need a room to rent?

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Want to live with people you get on with?

Zaparoom makes sure you find the ultimate flatshare for you. Live with people that will become your friends not just housemates. Long gone is that feeling of being a stranger in your own home, with Zaparoom the perfect room is just a swipe away.

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Want to rent out your room?

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Want someone likeminded to move in?

Use Zaparoom’s data driven flatsharing tool to find a person perfect for your flatshare. By answering a few questions we ensure that you’ll share more than just a home with your new flatmate.

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Wave goodbye to disliking where you live. We believe your home should be more than just a bed.

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